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2101 Bloomingdale Rd. Unit D. Gendale Heights IL 60139
Robert: 224-353-6421
Why Choose Us?

When it comes to smartphones & tablets repair, customers often shop around to find the best and reliable shop to fix their device. Choosing us is an absolutely right choice because of our reputation, technical skills & experiences, and great customer services.  With over 100 recommended reviews, we have always been 5 Stars on Yelp.com since 2014.  Our technicians have over 10 year experienced in phone repairs, and we fix your phone right on the spot.  Regarding customer services, we are proud of ourselves for being reliable, honest, and responsible for our works since the day the business began.

120 Day Warranty

Our success and business growth are depend on the referral and recommendation from customers; therefore, our number one priority goal is customer satisfaction.  To ensure customers receive quality repair services, we provide 120 day warranty that includes part(s) and labor for any defect issues except physical and water damge.  Customers should be confident with our services.  During the warranty period, customers just need to provide us with the original receipt on the day of service.  Our technicians are more than happy to exam and fix your device again with no problems.

To Repair Is To Save

To repair your device means that you can save a lot of money instead of buying a new ones, retrieve your personal data on the device instead of losing or giving them away, and help to protect the environment and reserve our limited nature resources.  Although it may be expensive for fixing a certain devices due to the costly part(s) or the complexity of the work, you may spend much lesser to fix than to buy a new ones. When customers repair a cracked screen for any smartphones, we provide either a free tempered glass or a hard case to protect the phone from breaking again. 

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